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The C4 iCharger is a one power cord solution which will simultaneously recharge 4 phones or tablets. Order your combination of connector tips - iOS or Android. It is solidly built, easy to use, desigined and made in Silicon Valley. Charger Features.

It can be ordered with a Cypress 2.0 USB hub which is capable of transfering data at 480 Mbs. For security reasons and fast local transfer of data, this is an excellent solution.

The C3SC charger is for an individual who has both a cell phone and tablet. There are two charging bays on top plus an USB port on the side which can be used to either charge or sync data.

The C4SC comes with the USB 2.0 hub which will transfer data @ 480 Mps from any port. Transfer a movie from your laptop to a tablet (iPad) in 3 seconds. Compare this to wireless transfer @ 15 Mps.

NO POWER = NO PHONE. View our Portable Chargers.

Pictured is a good choice for re-charging tablets as well as mobile phones. The output current is 1 amp which is the same as most wall chargers. The PB5600 will recharge your phone 3.8 times.

Use a Power Banks as usb back up battery on a train for long commutes, when lying in bed watching a movie on your iPad and the iPad battery is empty. To the rescue, you'll have an external battery to finish the movie. Use the portable power bank anytime your phone battery is empty.

There are choices: from a small tube size (PB2600) to a 20 amp hour (SBS20) that will provide back up power for any emergency.

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